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Number of Staff: 1000

Appointment Date: December 09

Completion Date: May 10


Project Brief:

The Myer project involved the relocation of 1000 staff from Lonsdale St to a new building at 800 Collins St Docklands. We worked closely with Myers internal teams to develop a detailed relocation project plan and communication strategy.

One of our primary roles on this project was to review the storage space allowance on the new floors and allocate the storage space to each business group. The allocation process included the management of the internal compactus configuration so that they could either house multiple length hanging garments or multiple size cartons.

All staff were briefed by p2m on their individual roles and responsibilities relating to packing for the move to the new building.

We worked with Myers procurement to develop and document the technical specification for the physical relocation. P2m fully supervised each relocation stage as well managing and coordinated building access.

Referee: Barclay Dixon - 0438 101 218



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