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Number of Staff: 1100

Appointment Date: April 09

Completion Date: March 10


Project Brief:

p2m was responsible for the development of the relocation master plan including the relocation strategy and move order of march. The relocation strategy had to incorporate numerous time critical functions for both The Age (News desk, Contact Centre and Logistics) and 3AW. Through a series of individual business group meetings we were able to prepare a relocation schedule that mitigated the majority of risks associated with the relocation.

We worked with the Fairfax IT team to appoint a specialist contractor to undertake the relocation of approximately 80 servers and another contractor to disconnect and reconnect the desktop PC’s.

p2m prepared the removal scope of work and then obtained quotes from a panel of removal companies for the physical relocation. Fairfax and p2m interviewed two companies before awarding the contract.

During the physical relocation p2m fully supervised all aspects of the move including being on-site on the Monday following each relocation stage to oversee and manage all post relocation issues.

Referee: David Skelton - 03 8667 3065



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