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Number of Staff: 1500

Appointment Date: October 08

Completion Date: June 09


Project Brief:

The initial focus of the consultancy project was to ensure that Deloitte’s wish to relocate the whole business over one (1) weekend was achievable. p2m negotiated building and lift access with both building managers to ensure that Deloitte’s project timeline was achievable.

To assist with the preparation of the Removal Tender documentation p2m engaged with each individual business group to identify any unique relocation requirements. Once all the relocation requirements were identified p2m prepared a removal scope of work and then obtained tenders from 5 removal organizations. After the tenders were reviewed and evaluated in accordance with the clients sourcing guidelines a recommendation was prepared for Deloitte to endorse.

In the lead up to the physical relocation we worked closely with Deloitte’s records management team to confirm the mapping and labeling process for the relocation of the 800 lineal metres of files to be packed, moved and unpacked by the removal contractor.

Another task we managed during this project was the scheduling of access for multiple contractors across the move weekend, including Removal and IT Relocation Contractors.

p2m fully supervised the relocation from its commencement on Wednesday night through to it’s completion on Sunday afternoon.(24 hours a day for 5 days) On the Monday and Tuesday following the relocation we were also on-site to assist with the management of any post relocation issues.

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