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Number of Staff: 2400 staff + National Philatelic Collection & Library

Appointment Date: February 09

Completion Date: January 10


Project Brief:

Australia Post appointed p2m to plan and prepare their 2400 staff for relocation to new premises under construction at 111 Bourke St.

Australia Post had been in the same building for approximately 20 years. Along with the records management team we outlined the new corporate policy and procedures for file creation and retention and drove a highly successful storage reduction and clean up day program.

p2m developed a detailed relocation strategy around the business unit interdependencies and seasonal workloads. This strategy took into account the importance of minimal downtime during Australia Post’s busiest time of the year.

As so often happens p2m became the “face of the move” allowing the national accommodation team to focus their time and attention on the issues relating to the new premises and its day to day operation.

The relocation of the National Philatelic Collection “the pride of Australia Post” was another challenging aspect of the project. p2m developed a detailed packing and handling specification and move strategy for this material due to its high value and fragility. The strategy included relocating the staff from this floor first and the collection followed with security and staff positioning with the collection at all times during the transfer.

Since the seamless relocation of 2400 staff in the new Head Quarters, p2m have assisted Australia Post with various internal churn works and relocations around Melbourne of an additional 500 staff.



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