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Number of Staff: 2000

Appointment Date: May 08

Completion Date: Aug 08


Project Brief:

In August 08 IAG engaged p2m to consolidate 2000 staff from 5 sites around Melbourne into a 15 levels at 181 William St Melbourne. The project included the relocation of 4 separate inbound call centres, management of the computer disconnection and reconnection and the strategic packing, supervision and planning the relocation and unpacking of a 700 line PABX system.

The major challenges for this project included the sequential packing, relocation and unpacking of over 4000 lineal metres of secure files and the sequential packing of another 2000 lineal metres of filing. 3000 lineal metres of filing was to be packed relocated and unpacked over one weekend. In one stage P2m rose to the challenge to coordinate the move of 700 people over one weekend

The key requirement to ensure a successful relocation was increasing the lift availability at the new building which was done by gaining access to the passenger lifts through the front door of the new building. By meeting with the building manager over an extended period we were able to convince them that the building finishes would be fully protected from damage during the relocation and if it was damaged during the move the contractor would pay for any repairs.

After measuring each business groups storage requirements we supplied reduction targets for each group and assisted with the management of clean up days. When the clean ups were completed we worked with each business group to allocate the storage space on their floors.

We also worked closely with the project team to develop the day 1 issue management plan including the methodology for reporting and actioning move related issues. Through detailed planning and management the project was delivered seamlessly and exceeded the client’s expectations. IAG were impressed by how quickly there staff were able to unpack and start work on Monday.

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